RCDC provide a wide-range of built environment, programme development and economic model design and implementation services, through values driven projects. Fundamental to the approach is continuous and long-term measurement of impact.

RCDC specializes in the delivery of the Resilient Neighbourhood Model which is centered around ‘research through design’-based processes and cross-sectoral collaboration to develop sites within a precinct management plan. It proposes designing a “catalytic” model for rural and urban development or upgrading in under-resourced and low-income contexts. This model delivers financial sustainable development projects with continuous measurement of long-term impact.

RCDC provides a holistic approach to development, prioritising the creation of human capital and environmentally sensitive systems with economic sustainability. We operate as an ethical developer connecting projects to finance combined with built environment services and full-spectrum stake-holder engagement ensuring continuous and deep engagement with all users through all stages of project realisation.


Built Environment

Project Management, Civic Engagement, Renewable energy systems, Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering

Programme Development

Education, training, sport, food security, entrepreneurship, health

Economic Model Development

Economic feasibility, Partner Development, Civic-public-private partnership, Impact Measurement for Impact Investment, Grant & Donor funding

Research & Development

Management & Coordination, Information systems, Tools