Our approach to urban development values equally the social, environmental and economic long-term returns.

Through our bespoke project management tools and practices combining research through design with a ‘partnership’ approach to planning and learning, we unlock and realise joint visions.

Collaboration with the different sectors: government; private; civic; NGO and academic, with deep and continuous engagement with neighbourhood residents, is central to our process through all stages of project realisation.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are aligned with our work and values and our projects contribute to the realisation of these goals.

We understand that the foundation of successful impactful development is a sustainable economic model. Consequently we work with finance specialists to assemble the right elements that align with our social and environmental values to create a solid long-term economic model appropriate to each project.

1. Economic Model Development

Economic feasibility, Partner Development, Civic-public-private partnership, Impact Measurement for Impact Investment, Grant & Donor funding

2. Research & Development

Management & Coordination, Information systems, Tools

3. Programme Development

Education, Training, Sport, Food security, Entrepreneurship, Health

4. Built Environment

Project Management, Civic Engagement, Renewable energy systems, Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering